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Stay tuned for Chiang Mai Design Week 2022

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❄️Stay tuned for Chiang Mai Design Week 2022, the festival that is full of art pieces, handicrafts, design works and a wide range of creative products and services along with the creative and alternative inspiration to all visitors CMDW2022 will be held for 9 days between 3 – 11 December 2022, from 10.00 – 20.00 hrs. with the following activities:

Exhibition & Showcase: Observe art and design exhibitions of the traditional local wisdom by the artists of the new and old generations who present their creative works through concepts and perspectives of empowering the local uniqueness to international identity.

POP Market: Enjoy shopping and eating at the POP Market, which brings together craft products, local food, music, workshops, and other creative activities. The market is open between 16.00 – 22.00 hrs. throughout the 9 days of the festival. There are also the markets in the creative communities, including Kad Kong Kao, Chang Moi community market, that come under the concept of Youth&Yaii, as well as Made in Chang Moi. All the products and services will enable you to appreciate each community’s charm and creativity.

Business Program: the program to enhance the business via the network of creative industry and business sectors to enhance the potential and competitiveness.

A lot of workshops such as craft items, food and beverages are waiting for you to explore in the festival.

A family program, which all members in the family can enjoy and learn together. 

Interested visitors can participate in these activities at the Three Kings Monument, Lam Chang, Chang Moi, San Kamphaeng and various areas throughout Chiang Mai between 3-11 December 2022. 

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