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⚡️ See all highlight programs of Chiang Mai Design Week 2022, within just 2 hour

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⚡️ See all highlight programs of Chiang Mai Design Week 2022, within just 2 hours! ⚡️

Let’s get started at the Three Kings Monument. At this venue, you’ll be able to see a variety of exhibitions, art and design showcases, handicrafts, POP Market, and family playground. 

🎨 Creative Lanna Pavilion: the exhibition that will impart the knowledge of Lanna through the study and research by the faculties and departments from Chiang Mai University.

🎨 Showcase Pavilion: the showcases of entrepreneurs and creators

🎨  Academic Pavilion: the academic showcases of students and creative research

🎨  PTT Visual Art Gallery: the art exhibition that brings together interactive art for everyone to enjoy.

🎨 Chiang Mai Exhibition, the city of learning: the exhibition that presents research and activities in cooperation with 3 communities in creative districts, namely Khuan Khama, Lam Chang, and Chang Moi, as well as fun workshops that take place throughout in various areas in the community. You can participate in the activities on 9 and 11 December at Kuan Khama and Chang Moi respectively.


Next, Chang Moi district. You may get there on foot or take the tram along the main route. Then you will find Manthana building and Manthana warehouse which is another highlight of the festival. The works are exhibited as follows:

🖍 Local Cabinets Exhibition: from a desire of learning to the creation of work that reflect the viewpoints and ideas of creators across a range of sectors. They all contribute to the ideation and dissemination of the inspiration for building on their neighborhood.

🏺 Local Composites Exhibition: the exhibition that many creators of various industries have explored and discovered environmentally friendly materials in Chiang Mai which are inexpensive, easily adapted, and can convey the identity of each area in order to pass on to visitors for further adaptation or further development.

🖼 NFT Art Con: the exhibition of NFT works from the local and non-local artists, along with many activities to enjoy including NFT souvenir market and many interesting workshops.


For those who love wandering along the street, we invite you to walk along the alley in the Chang Moi community to enjoy and experience the cordial atmosphere with the locals in the community. Immerse yourself in the art works that will surely give you a new perspective on the creative district and Chang Moi community.


Last but not least, visit TCDC Chiang Mai where you’ll see multiple exhibitions which will provide you a new perspective and understanding of the interesting food. Every story is essential to everyone’s creative and happy life. For example:

🥗 The Gastro Economy Exhibition: the exhibition that represents the concept of eating safe food from safe local food sources which stimulate the economic circulation and promote people’s sustainable health.


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