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Slowfood Earth Market

Earth Markets Accordance with the principles of Slow Food. The protagonists are small producers and food craftsmen. They sell only what they produce and can personally guarantee the quality of their products. On the stalls of the Earth Market there is good, clean and fair food: the products are local, fresh and seasonal; they respect the environment and the work of the producers; they are offered at fair prices, for those who buy and for those who sell. Earth Markets are also spaces to build communities, create exchange and education. taste education Slow Food’s approach to food education based on the reawakening and training of the senses and the study of all aspects of food and its production. eco-gastronomy A recognition of the strong connections between plate and planet, and the fact that our food choices have a major impact on the health of the environment and society The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity coordinates projects that defend local food traditions, protect food communities, preserve food biodiversity and promote quality artisanal products Presidia – Working with groups of small-scale producers to sustain quality food productions at risk of extinction The Cooks’ Alliance – Uniting local small-scale producers…
  • Phongsila Kammak
  • Yaowadee Chukong